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Child Education

The hopes of future lie in them and helping a child is like nurturing a blooming bud so that it spreads it’s fragrance throughout. They live in their own fairy tale world in which a education will add new dimensions and will in turn revolutionize their thought process.

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Medical Help

Proper nutrition and nourishment is the key to health. Health is the way to succeed in life and providing a growing everyone with these facilities is a blessing in disguise. Healthy child leads to his bright future and that lies in your hands.


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Other Help

We at Yogdaan, aim for the overall development and upliftment of the society. The tree plantations at various occasions, celebrating festivals with the specially abled and showering love at the elderly people who don’t have families to look after them are a part of our social activities.

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Our Work

Poor Children


Swing Center


I'm blessed to have been part of Yogdaan Foundation and truly glad to see remarkable work done by them. It is a most ideal approach to remain associated with strangers.  Read More..

Pavan Chaudhary

It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about Yogdaan. The thought to have a practical NGO strike to me when I came across with underprivileged children  Read More..

Himanshu Bhargava

Nothing has so moved me lately as my visit with you and seeing direct, the massively important work you are accomplishing for the poor people of Delhi. The work your  Read More..


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The very often neglected part of the society remains the slum areas where people who work as manual scavengers, household maids and the people below poverty line live. These are the places where worst..

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The bliss of making a child educated is more than any help that one can provide in this world. Yogdaan Foundation working with theme as best NGO in india in educating the young children especially the girl..

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Healthy body is the wealth of an individual and in order to preserve this wealth, people take a lot of care of their health. But there are some, who are not so blessed to be able to give their body a healthy balanced diet..

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Environment Protection


The mother earth who has given her all to us, in the form of environment that we live in owes our all respect and we ought to perform our duties towards the nature. The nature is now suffering from destruction..

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Women Protection


In the 21st century where women are standing hand in hand with men in the development of society by taking up all sorts of working spheres and excelling in various fields of life, the cases of rapes..

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The name itself suggests help and support which is the sole motive behind Yogdaan Foundation and will inturn help making it by far the best NGO in india which is working hard in bringing changes.

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The Yogdaan Foundation has sown it's seeds in the direction of shaping India by improving the youth and taking in hand the responsibility of forming a clean and green surrounding.

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