Gender’s Equality?

gender equality

It’s really important to be both genders equal in a developing country, some people think that world can be dependent only on men and if you are one of them so you’re absolutely wrong because the world is incomplete without the power of women, but in our daily life we see there are some fanatic minded orthodox people who think & spread negativity like girls are worthless & they are a burden on families, there are also some mentalities who think a girl’s status would be always less than a boy but did they ever think that could be your birth possible without a women/girl? its answer would be a big “No” in any condition because it’s impossible to give birth to a baby without a women/girl, so it clearly means that a lifecycle is incomplete without a women/girl, but after that, some people also come who say girls are weaker or not so strong than boys so for their kind information do they know at the time of delivering a baby it feels cracking pain of 72 bones in a body and only a girl’s body can tolerate that pain a boy can’t, and nature also teaches us that girls are as equal as boys are and it proves wrong to those people who think girls are really less, weaker or not so strong than boys, so we don’t appreciate those people who don’t give respect to girls, we request also request you to give equal respect to all genders.