Yogdaan Foundation Is Most Popular NGO In Delhi

Yogdaan Foundation is most popular Ngo in Delhi When talking about NGO’s for children, the first question that should arise in our minds is why would a child need an NGO to safeguard his/her interests? Isn’t that the duty of his/her parents? What steps is the government taking in this direction? To understand why the establishment of NGO’s is so important for the nourishment and empowerment of children, we have to first focus on the problems and issues that these children face. Also, we have to focus on why their parents are unable to counter these issues that they require an organization to come forward and help them.
Talking about major NGO’s which are focused towards development and empowerment of children;. NGO’s like Yogdaan Foundation work on a step based approach starting with providing remedial education to children so that they see a brighter tomorrow than their parents and then moving towards exposing their mothers with professional training in stitching and tailoring to equip them with a platform where they can exhibit their products and earn money for themselves. They also focus on spreading awareness among the families of these children about how important hygiene and healthcare is trying to make sure that every new life is nurtured sensitively thus, lowering the infant mortality rates even further. These NGO’s in Delhi their numerous campaigns that are run along with the government also act upon the task of continuously advising and bringing forward the ground realities of the policies that are framed by the government. They also work to create awareness about human rights among young people. They aim to achieve a world where young people are enabled to influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, the arts & governance. All of these organizations expect its volunteers to dedicate their time, skill and interest in any branch of their own choice making the creative privileged youth of the nation to grow increasingly sensitive and enlightened towards the issues of these children allowing them to make a difference in their lives.