What We Do

The Yogdaan Foundation has sown it’s seeds in the direction of shaping India by improving the youth and taking in hand the responsibility of forming a clean and green surrounding. The organisation is working in the direction of establishing universal brotherhood and this is being done through various modes and activities conducted by Yogdaan throughout the year. The organisation and managing of events for social welfare is done at the hands of our dedicated team by active participation from all the volunteers at different levels. The yearly plan of events is laid out keeping in mind the effects and aims that it will cater to. The aim of organizing such events is to generate awareness, bring change and spread happiness in the lives of those who are not able to afford such celebrations otherwise.

The whole year is planned and an event planner is maintained throughout to keep a track of events. The tree plantation drive involving young children so that they realize the importance of planting trees is organized at BasantPannchmi and Independence as well as Republic day. The young children plant little saplings of trees in and around their areas. The Kite making and Kite flying competitions are also planned in which the little children of underprivileged areas participate in these competition and are awarded with prizes to boost their enthusiasm and in turn make them aware about the importance of those days by storytelling and poem recitations. The children enjoy and learn through these activities and this is how Yogdaan helps them to feel a party of the society and encourages the fresh talents in them.

The awareness programs are also done through sending executives to create awareness regarding diseases and regular hygiene and Healthcare. Street Plays are even performed so that the message is delivered more clearly and effectively. The volunteers visit the areas personally and speak to families, especially women of backward societies so that they can become aware of the importance of hygiene and health. They even talk to the families of lactating mothers in order to get them all their vaccinations at proper time and get them registered at the government hospitals of the nearby locality.

The celebration of festivals of religious importance like Holi, Diwali, Christmas and Eid is done by visiting old age homes and spending time with the elderly who are otherwise forced to live their lives alone. We take our volunteers along with young children to these elderly citizens of our country and make them celebrate the festival with full zeal. Sweets are distributed, lunch and dinners are organized and fun activities like antakshari, ludo, cards etc. are there in order to make them enjoy throughout.

Cards, candles, diyas and other decorative items that are made by the underprivileged women and children are sold and the amount is spend in making their festivals full of colours and joy. Our Volunteers work hard for this and find their joy in the joy of these people.

Our organization stands for the needy at the right time, so that it eventually helps the coming generation to bear fruits of success. The aim is the progress of the nation and for that we believe in that the pillars should be strong and these pillars are the young children and women. Their safety, hygiene, education and security should be the priority and understanding the importance of this we schedule the work and motifs of Yogdaan in such a manner that every activity that is performed and every event we organize is somehow proves beneficial for them and that is how we generate benefits for these sections.

The environment and surroundings that play a major part of humans growth is also one of the factors that is being focused upon and our plantations drives and hygiene related awareness campaigns work in direction of the improving the quality of air that we breathe and the surroundings that people live in ngo for poor child education.

The Problem with Education
Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most children living in poverty-are the least likely to attend school.
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The Problem with Senior Citizen & Medical Help best ngo in india
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Help Deliver Urgent
Thousands of families are forced to flee their homes every day. With your support, we can give them life-saving care and hope for a brighter future.