About Us

The name itself suggests help and support which is the sole motive behind Yogdaan Foundation ngo for poor child education and will inturn help making it by far the best NGO in india which is working hard in bringing changes. The biosphere which comprises of humans and environment work hand in hand, but it is the responsibility of we humans to not only make this world a better place but also to make sure that the environment doesn’t gets suffered because of the humans. The nature has given us everything from food to shelter to clothing and the oxygen to inhale, but our activities have somehow affected the environment badly by deteriorating the soil and plantations. Now, it should be our responsibility to make our mother earth green and clean and our NGO in india named Yogdaan Foundation works towards achieving these goals by organizing various activities throughout the year for increasing plantations and cleaning the surroundings. The other roles that we play towards the society are those which are collectively being done all the top 10 NGO’s of India i.e educating the poor children. The education is the only tool that helps them to earn a substantial living for them and their entire family. Apart from education the safety of women as well as equality for all is what we aim towards. Yogdaan Foundation devotes all its efforts and time in every way to make this world a better place to live along with the support of it’s donors.

ngo for poor child education