Terms & Condition

Yogdaan Foundation holds the right to modify the terms and conditions of the websites as and when required. We will consider our terms and conditions as an agreement between the Yogdaan Foundation and the users or the visitors of the website. This agreement is made to govern the use of the website and the services available to the users.

Who to become a user

The individual will be considered as the user who is not minor and who is eligible for legally binding contracts under applicable law. We will not be providing our services to temporarily or indefinably suspended Yogdaan Foundation users.

How can one use our contents ?

All the information and contents of the website of Yogdaan Foundation is the copywrited work of our organisation and its partners.

Users\visitors are allowed to download to print the content for their personal and non commercial use.

If any user or visitor will be found using the copyright contents of our website in any unauthorised and unapproved manner will be considered as copyright infringement and subject the users to all the civil and criminal penalties provided for Indian and international copyright loss.

Personal info of the user

Personal information will be considered true as provided by the user. That information will be considered as the best of his knowledge and believe. That information shall not be false, inaccurate or misleading. It shall not be fraudulent. It shall not violate any law or regulation. It shall not be defamatory, threatening or harassing.

Rights and privileges of use of the uses of personal info

All the personal information provided by the user to the Yogdaan Foundation will be shared for our internal records and purposes by our officials. We ensure our users that their personal information which they have shared with us will not be further shared with any third party\individual.

Business Relation

Yogdaan Foundation and the users are considered as the independent contractors. We are not intended to create any other business relationship by this agreement like agency, partnership, joint venture, franchiser- franchisee or employer- employee.

Intellectual Property

Yogdaan Foundation holds all the copyrights worldwide for our content uploaded on our website. The users are allowed to create a bookmark of our home page on their browser but they are not allowed to create any link of our website without our prior written approval. All the rights of this website are reserved to us only. No other rights or licenses are conveyed or intended here by this agreement. To make our users access more easily we may provide them with the software which can be used by the user by accepting the licensed terms and conditions of that particular software.

Damage to web content

By accepting the terms and conditions of our website the user will be considered as agreed of not using any software or device to copy or damage our content uploaded on our website. The user will be agreed with the terms that he/she will not hamper the working of our Yogdaan Foundation or our website by any means. User will be considered as agreed that he/she will not be copying, imposing, modifying or reproducing our content by any means without our prior information and written permission.

Breach of Agreement

Yogdaan Foundation holds the right to temporary or immediately suspend/ terminate your services in case

(a) the information provided by you is found to be not real,
(b) you are found to breach any of our terms and conditions, or
(c) if we feel that any of your action may cause us/ our other users or partners any damage or loss.

Terminate the Agreement

Yogdaan Foundation holds the rights to terminate the access of your services with our website with the immediate effect. We also reserve the rights to modify or discontinue this site at any time.

General Terms & Conditions

Yogdaan Foundation does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted and secured access of our website to our users. Operations of our website may be interfered by any of the outside factor under the effect of the same we may have to discontinue the site without any prior information to the users.